We are The Story Keepers

Sometimes I can be so hard on myself. Sometimes I feel like I need to be able to get everything right, correct and on pointe, first time. Actually not sometimes. Always.

While I often say to my kids that failure is an important part of growing and succeeding, I struggle applying that golden nugget to my own journey.

Take last week, for instance. I had big dreams for last week. I was waiting to hear back from a publisher (which looked more promising than it had ever before) and I had a killer onnline campaign mapped out.

And then the campaign tanked and the publisher said a very friendly “thanks, but no thanks.”

So I find myself here, at the start of another week, feeling a bit dry. A bit worn down.

This quote encouraged me this week:

Because it reminded me that failure is an important part of growth and success, however success may look to you.

I won’t lie to you. This journey of putting myself out there, writing about my story, my fears, my journey – it’s pretty dang scary. Sometimes I wonder why I’m doing it. Sometimes I just want to curl up on the couch and watch Gilmore Girls reruns and eat banana bread with copious amounts of butter (in fact, some days I do).

But I have to remember that this season – this challenging, frustrating, vulnerable journey is where the gold is. Just like all the other journeys we’ve all traversed, there are challenges, frustrations and vulnerabilities we swear we’d do better without.

So this week, let’s get vulnerable (as if we haven’t already!). Let’s talk about the things that make us want to shrink back and stop trying. And let’s encourage each other on in this journey.

Something I’ve been wanting to do for ages (I’ve been waiting for that ever-elusive ‘right time’) is to start a facebook group. It’s a private gang of friends, cheering each other on in being brave enough to share their story. It’s a place to discuss ideas, to share stories, to seek input, to make connections and to be reminded – daily – that your story can, will and already is, changing lives.

So let’s be brave together, in this safe place. Let’s be honest about the times when we share our story and we receive a blank stare in return. Or the time when it resonates and there are tears and hugs and healing. Let’s chat about our struggles with figuring out what to share and what to keep as private… and let’s live the journey together, highlighting the gold in one another’s daily story and nominate ourselves as personal cheer squads.

To get the conversation started, I’ve created a resource – “….” which will be freely available to all members of the group. It’s just a few quick questions to get us all going, when we don’t know where to start putting our thoughts in succession, when it comes to making sense of our story.

So join me if you like, beautiful friend. We are called The Story Keepers. Because we value stories. And because we keep stories. We refuse to discard the hard parts and the ugly parts because we know that all stories are worth keeping and holding dear. Because every single one of them has played its own part in bringing us to where we are.

Even when campaigns tank and publishers decline. Even those stories :)

So join me over here. I can’t wait to do this journey with you!

The Story Keepers
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