Finding Courage for Next Time

“There is always a glimmer in those who have been through the dark.”

– Atticus

Some people say it’s better the devil you know. But sometimes familiar pain can be so much worse than the surprising kind. That feeling of – not again, I know this feeling and I didn’t want to be here again. Ever.

Sometimes I feel like I can handle a situation, argument, betrayal if I know there won’t be the next time. It’s almost like I put my faith in the belief that there won’t be. I’ve learned the hard way that I can’t base my responses, trust and hope for the future on the expectation that there won’t be the next time. Because sometimes, there is.

I find that while trying to deal with the present pain, I’m often overwhelmed by the fear of the possibility of it happening again. What if I can’t cope with it next time? My mind and heart become jumbled with thoughts, fears and what ifs. I find myself unable to deal with the pain of now because I’m already worrying about the pain of next time.

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We continued chatting about finding courage for next time – over on the Words by Joni Facebook page. Feel free to hop on over to watch the vlog and join the conversation x

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