Embracing Flaws

“You are enough. A thousand times enough.”

– Atticus

If I was to write a list of my flaws, it would look something like this:

  • Too shy
  • Too task focused
  • Too needy
  • Not fit enough
  • Too serious
  • Not intellectual enough
  • Too analytical
  • Terrible at telling jokes (awkward silence)

When did I ever get the idea that I was either too much or not enough?

“You Are Enough” – it’s all over the internet at the moment but I’ve always struggled with this phrase. ‘Enough’ seems like such a small amount. I want to be over and above – more than Enough. But when I looked into what Enough actually means, I was astounded… (continue reading at KinWomen.com)

We continued the conversation around embracing our flaws over on Words by Joni’s Facebook page. Come across to watch the vlog and join the convo. x

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